Jolicoeur Meditation Centre

Thiền viện Hội Tụ Tâm Linh Cùng Tiến Tới

Gathering Of Spiritual Consciousness In Order To Progress Together


The managers and officials of the Center practice and share the "Practical Method of Vô-Vi Esoteric Science", a method of meditation of Vietnamese origin founded by Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu (1883-1967) and taught throughout the world by Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên (1923-2009, born in Vietnam and based in Montreal since 1979). The support of his teaching consists of about 5000 articles, audio recordings, video, text, music and so on, and is being distributed without charge on different websites, radio, online or conventional libraries, meditation centres, etc.



Dharma of Vô-Vi


Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu, Vô-Vi Founder
Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu, Vô-Vi Founder

This spiritual method is neither a religion nor a sect; it is therefore not opposed to any religion, people, and system of thought. It is a scientific method, rigorous, realistic and simple, so anyone can practice. It consists of three main techniques (concentration of energy, breathing in a sitting position, meditative contemplation) and an additional technique (breathing lying down) to purify the body, stabilize the nervous system and develop the spiritual energy. The method also includes a few physical exercises,  which are simple and very effective in facilitating the practice of these four basic techniques. Finally, the six phonemes of vibration Nam Mô A Di Đà Pht are the key to success for all
Vô Vi practitioners.


Vĩ Kiên
Master Lương Sĩ Hằng, current spiritual guide

Vô-Vi Masters are spiritual guides who don’t encourage dependency:  each person is progressing according to its own efforts. They prefer a relationship of friendship with practitioners who wish to follow their steps, and not that of "guru – followers", but they are still called "Masters" with respect and love from all of us.


There is no requirement such as ceremonial or initiation protocol, membership, contribution, prohibitions, commandments, religious faith, etc. Vô-Vi does not need statistics or competition either. The important thing is the advancement of everyone on the spiritual path and return to their original divine energy.

No change is required in the daily lives of practitioners: the method aims to double development of social life and spiritual life. The sole and only duty is to practice the meditation in an honest, sincere, accurate, regular manner, with intelligence and determination.


Practice is much more important than seeking the truth in books.  Practitioners are encouraged to accept difficult circumstances, unfortunate experiences, demanding tests, etc. to awaken, to develop the energy of compassion in order to connect with God, to enter the world of energy and find the real self.

After a relatively short time of practice, the practitioner should obtain the following results:


-Physically : better health

-Mentally: peace, lucidity and inner joy

-Spiritually: better intuition and compassion


For best results, it is advisable for new practitioners to consult regularly the DVD "Method of Meditation Vô-Vi" explained and demonstrated by Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên.  It is also advisable to exchange with experienced practitioners.

Vô-Vi community is represented throughout the world with about fifty centres, institutes, associations, offices, etc. in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Vô-Vi method broadcasts on several Internet sites and radio networks. Vô-Vi shows and concerts have received the participation of very famous actors, singers, dancers, composers, etc. and are favourably commented by press reporters and other media of communication such as the VOA (Voice of America). Vô-Vi charity activities are also highly valued by the poor, disabled, blind, deaf or dumb, sick, victims of war or natural disasters, etc.


Jolicœur Meditation Centre


The Centre is a non-profit organization in Quebec since 2003, registered charity in Canada since 2004, and establishment of worship (and convent) in Montreal since 2005. It also has a name and a poem given by Master   Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên: Thiền viện Hội Tụ Tâm Linh Cùng Tiến Tới (Gathering Of Spiritual Consciousness In Order To Progress Together).


Jolicoeur Meditation Centre
Jolicoeur Meditation Centre

Let us gather our Spiritual-Consciousness in order to progress together.

The explanations and analysis concerning terrestrial life and the Spiritual Path allow us to know our earthly hearts.

For those whose intentions are to take advantage of the Center, they will leave it on their own.

Let’s value in our thoughts, God The High-Above who is everywhere.


Throughout the world let us gather loving karmic conditions

In order to build together and to know clearly the right Spiritual Path

Let us not surrender to argumentative ways of thinking nor rival battles.

When we apply the Right Spiritual Method, we have the joyous karmic opportunity to succeed and to unblock ourselves.

With sincerity, let us live the life of spiritual perfection in order to progress with a true heart.

By returning to the Emptiness, we become awakened, we are free and comfortable on the Spiritual Path as well as in earthly life.

As we understand in depth the Original-Principle, we leave on our own.

This life made of temporary situations is subjected at all times to disharmony.

Even if we are able to understand what is close and what is farther away

We must be able to see that through non-existence, there is existence, in order to enable us to reach the Enlightenment of our Consciousness.

Let us practice in order to develop in depth.

When on our own, we break free from our greed, the Supreme Path allows us to reach harmony.

It is necessary to develop ourselves with eagerness.

It is by having a conciliatory heart that we are a wise person.

Let us not surrender to argumentative reasoning or to doubtful confusion.

From the earthly world to paradise, we must always perfect ourselves spiritually.

Let us return to the source of contemplative-awareness.

It is necessary to perfect ourselves, to correct ourselves, to seek by ourselves in order to understand in depth.

The Path of True Awareness is without any possible mistake.

In the earthly world, this Path always exists in order to allow us to go further in silence throughout our spiritual self-perfection.

Let us take refuge into the Three Jewels to deliver ourselves out of blindness.

When we understand clearly Heaven and Earth, we allow our Soul to travel in all tranquility.



Lương Vĩ Kiên


Translation: Shola Doummar


The current Center building has been graciously offered by the "beautiful heart" (“joli coeur” in French) of a Vô-Vi practionner and his successors from California. It is fifteen minutes drive from downtown Montreal or from the international airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau and easily accessible by public transportation (Metro Jolicoeur, Bus 37 South in the direction of Angrignon Park).


Its activities are performed in three languages: Vietnamese, French, and English. Everything is free. The said activites include:


1-To promote the Vô-Vi method of meditation.

Sunday meeting from 10H AM to 2H PM: meditation, discussion on various spiritual topics, distribution of the weekly bulletin Life-Energy Development (LED) to practitioners of the Center, distribution of Vô-Vi documentation (books, pamphlets, flyers, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, videos, etc.).


The rest of the week, by appointment: presentations of the method of meditation for beginners and intermediate practitionners (Vô-Vi philosophy, techniques, etc.).

Occasional special events: participation in Vô-Vi annual conventions and its other international activities, regional or local spiritual retreats (conferences, meditation, discussion, verification of the practice, etc.).


2- To promote self-respect, harmony, love and compassion.


3- To help and support morally and materially disadvantaged people who are in the need.

4- To perform works of charity.

5- To organize social and cultural activities for the benefit of the community.


Managers and officials of Jolicœur Meditation Centre



They are assiduous practitioners for a long time (about 30 years), who have obtained satisfactory results and want to share their happiness and their spiritual experiences with all those who are looking for a practical method to deliver all sufferings, all misfortunes and all anxieties, etc. and to discover by themselves the real meaning of life on earth, or the reason for their existence.

They organize or participate in almost all Vô-Vi international or local activities such as annual conventions, regional or local retreats, chat rooms, forums, bulletins, online libraries, spiritual shows and concerts, etc. Therefore, they know the majority of Vô-Vi practionners in the world and are also recognized by them, especially managers and officials of other centres, institutes, associations, offices, etc. of Vô-Vi international community.


The majority of the Centre’s managers and officials are Vietnamese, based in Canada for more than forty years. They are intellectuals, scientists or business people (engineer, CA, MBA, MSc, PhD, PMP, BIBC, etc.) who are aware that knowledge on earth is not a prerequisite or an asset to the spiritual life. On the contrary, baggage collected from their social life could slow down the return to their origin. They are also active and well positioned people in society, with family and kinship, having experienced ups and downs in their lives, and deeply understand the miseries of life. Therefore the need to find a better world: the spiritual one.  Therefore the compassion and willingness to provide help to all of those who are in a similar situation.

Other managers and officials of the Centre are also intellectuals and well-established people in society (biologist, professor, scientific, etc.). They are people of the country, so they perfectly know the culture in Quebec; somehow, they found that this Vietnamese method of meditation was not foreign, and Vietnamese practitioners were really friendly.


Here is a photo of a group of volunteers, made at an annual activity of the Centre: Vô-Vi stand at the Têt festival (Vietnamese New Year).


Vô-Vi stand at the Têt festival
Vô-Vi stand at the Têt festival



Practitioners at Jolicoeur Meditation Centre


The Centre receives friends from everywhere. Most of the new ones are in the same area but there are also those who find the name of the Centre in the phone book, on Internet websites, or by network relationships.  These friends of different ethnicities and cultures are more numerous than those of Vietnam, because there are other Vô-Vi meditation centres that operate only in Vietnamese.


There are also many Vô-Vi practitioners residing outside Montreal who come to the Centre as a place of retreat for a short stay when transitioning in town,  or for a few months during their holidays and vacations (at the time, it was mainly to visit Master Lương Sĩ Hằng - Vĩ Kiên, whose residence is near the Centre).  These friends come from Quebec, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, California, France, Australia, Vietnam, etc.


Friends practitioners at Jolicoeur Meditation Centre
Friends practitioners at Jolicoeur Meditation Centre

Young practitioners are particularly numerous. They learn and understand the spirituality faster than adults because they don’t have several responsibilities and concerns yet as their parents. They represent the new generation of Vô-Vi practitioners and speak fluently French and English.

Although this group of friends is not homogeneous, everyone is happy to live in pure and light energy that the Masters, God, Buddha and the Vô-Vi community of Heaven shine continuously on the Centre. So you are welcome to join us as brothers and sisters. The big Vô-Vi family in general and the small family at Jolicœur Meditation Centre are looking forward to meeting you with a warm hug.

September 25, 2008; by Mỹ-Kim Nguyễn, General Secretary of the Centre

Jolicœur Meditation Centre
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