About Vô Vi

''If life is left to chance, the result is chaos.''

Everyone needs harmony if they want to live in serenity. The paths leading to harmony are often difficult, if not dangerous.

Vô Vi is the key to harmony. Vô Vi is a life principle that seeks to reconcile modern lifestyles with inner peace. But Vô Vi is first and foremost a method. By practicing this method, we can regain self-control.        


- by restoring balance, 
- by strengthening the nervous system,      
- last and most important, by purifying our energy.


The method is simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of age and physical condition. Since it involves only concentration, breathing and relaxation exercises, Vô Vi can be practiced simply and easily at home or in groups. Like any concentration method, it must be practiced regularly. The principle behind Vô Vi is nature’s gift: energy. Note that the exercises will be most effective at one time of the day, the transition between day and night (between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.). This is when energy is at its maximum and purest. The benefits of this method can be felt in our daily routine and behaviour. It is important to be in touch with oneself in order to face everyday challenges. In fact, we can only deal properly with stress if we have confidence in ourselves, if we are in charge of our lives.


One of the major effects of the method is help us to think clearly. A clear analysis of situations leads to a better view of the world. This indispensable balance ensures success in life. When you know how to face your own difficulties you can help those around you more effectively. Our influence is thus naturally positive, even if we are sometimes not aware of it.


Master Luong Si Hang has been helping those around him all his life. Sustained by his strong spirituality, the result of years of practicing the method, Master Luong Si Hang now shares his experience with more and more followers. Born in Vietnam, Master Luong Si Hang has had an extremely hard life. In a country that was constantly at war, Master Luong Si Hang waged an ongoing struggle against fatalism. In his early years, he faced poverty, uncertainty and disease with strength and determination. As an adult, he was subjected to arbitrary imprisonment and humiliation before fleeing his country. Yet, drawing on his wisdom and strength of will, he not only managed to survive, but helped others who were, like himself, in distress.


Today, Master Luong Si Hang teaches his method to anyone who wishes to benefit from it. Master Luong Si Hang now lives in Canada and provides advice through his "students". At a certain level of practice, you may find that you feel a need for greater guidance. Master Luong Si Hang will show you a spiritual path and suggest a life of continuous perfection, combining an indispensable spiritual life with a normal, successful terrestrial life.


Vô Vi is not a religion. It is a carefully thought-out program of spiritual enrichment. Vô Vi is intended to be practiced by members of all faiths in total freedom, without any constraints. For persons needing help with their meditation, there are free and volunteer meditation centres almost everywhere in the world. Vô Vi has extended its influence and become a community "without borders". The Vô Vi community is a community of friendship, solidarity and mutual support. Through its practitioners, Vô Vi engages in humanitarian actions, helping refugee camps or those in need, discretely but above all regularly. There are practitioners on all continents. They meet at seminars about once a year, or at conferences organized by associations of practitioners in each country. To get to know one another better and share their experiences, friends of Vô Vi, whether practitioners or not, organize cultural and leisure activities. For example, "Vô Vi Spiritual Concert" is an annual artistic event that combines spiritual exercises and relaxation. At the performances, which combine classical and contemporary styles, talented authors put forward their visions of Vô Vi. Of course, these meetings are mainly for enjoyment, but performers do try to put on a good show.


Source: www.vovi.org