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The Center attaches a great importance to the protection of the personal information, which is entrusted to him. Only the secretary general and the president or their substitutes can reach the list of members and their requests for adhesion. However, a partial list with some essential information (such as name, first name, telephone number, date of birth) of the members will be diffused to the Board of Director members only.

I, undersigned, state to meet the required criteria of eligibility :



  •  Vô-Vi practitioner
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Participate and promote, inter alia, the objectives of Jolicoeur Meditation Center :

1-  To teach and promote the technique of Vô-Vi meditation

2-    To promote the self-respect, harmony, love and compassion

3-    To help and support morally and materially underprivileged people

4-    To carry out charity organizations

5-    To organize social and cultural activities for the profits of the community, or any other activity in order to collect funds for the operation, repair and restoration of the Center


  •   To have read and accepted the regulations of the Center
  •  To respect the right of adhesion (1$) and the annual membership (4$ for the 1st year and 5$ for the following year).  Note: the year of contribution finishes on December 31 whatever the date of adhesion.


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