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During the preparation in view of Master’s interview

LV: Master said : “Cheating others means cheating ourselves”.

My Nhi: Master said we must do like He does. Although people betray Him, are disloyal/ unfaithful to Him or do not deserve His trust, He still gives them money and still loves them. Therefore we must  follow all His teachings.

LV: Now, you can raise your questions to our  Master.


Start of Interview

Huỳnh Minh Bo (HMB): Dear Master, we are allowed to come today, on June 14th, 2009, to visit you and to ask you a few questions.

Some of us such as Lý Vĩnh (LV), Phan Cao Thăng (PCT), Trn Ngc Dũng (TND), M Nhi (MN), Xuân Mai (XM) et myself Huỳnh Minh Bo (HMB) are happy to have this karmic opportunity to pay you this visit. At the beginning of the week, we heard about your blood test result which gave us some worries about your health. So we come here to visit and ask you a few questions, not for ourselves, but for the future of all Vô Vi practitioners, so as to keep our equilibrium along with our spiritual practice...

As you are present and still in good health, we would like to have your answers to series of our questions. We know that no one can escape from thelaw of the human world which is: anyone who comes on this earth will one day depart it. Master, on one day you also will depart this world. Therefore we need to know your instructions so that we carrythem out in future, accordingly to your will.

Our first question relates to your health. According to Westerner doctors, drugs give you allergies and you cannot take them in much more. In the past, you have been taken care by an Oriental-Medecine doctor, Mr Van Show, who obtained some positive results last year. We hope that you can stay here (in Montreal) so he can continue to give you his treatments, tohelp you to feel a little bit better andto relieve a bit more your itching sensations. If you wish to travel, we will make the necessary arrangements for you, if needed. Otherwise, the doctors already recommended you to stay in one place. Master, from now till then, do you still need to travel?

Master: If there is a need, I certainly will go.

HMB: Yes, Master.

Master : When people need help, I must serve them….. I refuse nothing at all.

HMB: So, if you should go somewhere, please let us know and we will makearrangements for your travels… Another matter, this year the Vô Vi practitionersmade requests to you, and we got two congresses in total. We would like to know if you intend to attendthese two congresses.

Master (nodded his approval): Of course, I will go.

HMB: Yes, Master wants to go. But according to us, the advanced communication technology nowadays can help you to stay in one place and still follow all activities of Vô Vi  practitioners who, also, can see you. Master, do you really need to go there?

Master nodded positively

HMB : Thank you, Master.

HMB: Another question: From now until when you leave us (you pass away), what would you like us to do for you, from a profane perspective?

Master: The Vô Vi practitioner must not cheatpeople, that would be enough.

XM: repeats Master’s reply : “The Vô Vi practitioner must not cheat people”.

Master nodded his approval.

LV (to XM): Note it down. Now, all Master’s recommendations are very important. Think of noting them down.

Master: As Vô Vi practitioners, we must only help others, we must not cheat anyone.

LV: “We must not cheat anyone”.

HMB: On a Vô Vi perspective, you already left everything to us. Now, what do you think we must do in addition?

Master: Any teachings you like, put them into practice, it would certainly be correct. Do not scorn at spirits and saints. The Vô Vi practitioner used to scorn at spirits and saints.

LV: We should not scorn at spirits and saints, shouldn’t we?

XM: Master, you say that “The Vô Vi practitioner should not scorn at spirits and saints”. What do you mean?

Master: He merely reaches a certain level of spiritual perfection, which is still nothing, and he thinks he is already better than his Master.

HMB: Master, from a legal view point, would you like to have someone representing you for paperwork formalities, and taking care of your succession?

Master: Everything is already entrusted with Thang (Phan Cao Thang).

LV: Already entrusted with Thang.

HMB: So, Thang, after Masters departure, you will represent him. Now as he’s still alive, maybe you should ask him for a proxy. Later on, if he cannot make any decision, you will decide in his place. You should check this issue with the lawyers here.

What should we do regarding the Vi activities, Master ?

(Application of an anti-itching cream for Master)

HMB: Master, regarding the Vi activities, which one do you think we should maintain?

Master: Everythingyou have learned and carried out formankind’s goodness, without harming anyone.

HMB: Thats from a personal view point, but for the Vô Vi community, what should we do?

Master: You should apply the same principle

LV: We should apply all our Masters teachings

Master: You should apply what we have learned.

HMB: There is a question that many practitioners worried about and we would like you to enlighten us: Many noted that, all your life, you have sacrified everything and done so many good things to save humanity. So they don’t understand why, today, your body has to suffer so much pain.

Master: It has to be so… you cannot avoid it. How can you speak about a sacrifice and do not accept any suffering?

HMB: So Master, are these sufferings due to your choice of sacrifice for humanity ?

Master nodded his head

That is the law that all spirits from the Above Sphere and you should accept, shouldn’t you? Lots of practitioners pretend that by doing charity works we will benefit all blessings. But you do so much charity works and now your body has to endure a great deal of physical sufferings. This cause us great pain and we are disconcerted.

XM: Isn’t it comparable to Jesus-Christ’s virtuous behaviour, Father ? Jesus-Christ has had accepted to be crucified for...

Master: For redeeming sins.

XM: For redeeming humanity sins, that is his virtue of sacrifice, his total engagement...

Master: You already learnt so much about it in everyday life, why do you worry ?

LV: Master, yesterday you told me that Mister TU did also suffer before he left this world, didn’t you ?

Master nodded his head.

HMB: Dear master, we all know that, according to nature’s law, one day you will have to leave us. Therefore we’d like that everything should be done in accordance with your will. Would you tell us who is going to take care of your funeral ceremony?

Master: The Vô Vi practitioners, there is no lack of people.

HMB: But Master, you should assign someone to be in charge, otherwise everyone will want to do it, each one with his own idea, and it will be a big confusion. We’d like that everything will work in a good and orderly way. 

Master stays silent for 2 minutes

LV: Master, if something happens to you, we must have a person in charge to get things done in a proper way. If not, each person will do in his own way and you will not be at peace. We’re seeking your response in order to carry out your will accordingly.

Master stays silent for 1 minute

Master: You already learnt so many things in your every day life. You don’t need my teachings to get things done properly. You commit errors because you don’t apply what you have learnt!

LV: Master, as we are in Canada, we suggest, if something happens to you, to appoint Thang to represent you. You already appreciate his loyalty and he does things correctly. Then we can help him in his duty, while taking into consideration each other’s opinions. What do you think, Master ?

Master stays silent for 1 minute

Master: Even the most stupid person can become clever if he perfects the spiritual pratice.

Master stays silent for 1 minute

HMB: In your opinion, we should let things go on naturally for this matter...

Master nodds his head (interrupts HMB): Let things go naturally.

HMB: By doing so, you will transpose us your will... the opportunity will assign the person who should do it.

Master: It’s valuable only if the person has a good heart and willingness.

HMB: Master, if at that point of time some people, without any good reason, interfere and give opposite suggestions, it will create confusion. How could we handle that situation ?

Master: You should then check and analyse what should be done and what should not to be done... you already learnt so much... How coudn’t you solve the problem ?

HMB: Yes Master... We would like to know what is your preference, to be buried or to be incinerated and should we spread/scatter your ashes into the sea ?

Master: Do the cremation.

HMB: What should we do after the cremation ?

Master: Incinerate the body and see to its departure.

HMB: Master, should we scatter the ashes in the sea or keep them somewhere ?

Master: Scatter them in the sea.

HMB: In your opinion, when you leave this world, in which sea do we have to spread your ashes ?

Master: The nearest sea, it just have to be a sea.

HMB: Then, how could we choose correctly the day and the time ?

Master: There are good and bad days. You have to choose a good day, the first or the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

LV: “the first or the 15th day of the lunar calendar”.

HMB: Yes, we should therefore wait for the first or the 15th day of the lunar calendar, should’nt we Master ?       

Master nodds his head

During you stay at the funerarium and before placing the body in the coffin, should we allow Vô Vi practitioners to come and visit you ?

Master (nodds his head): Certainly yes, it’s normal to do so.

LV: It’s normal to do so.

HMB: We will then organize a visit for all Vô Vi practitioners.  

Master nodds his head

 Master, at the funerarium, do we have to play the mantric phonem CD ?

Master: Yes... You already have everything you need in Vô Vi.

LV: Exactly Master, you already prepared everything. We’d like to have your advice while your are still alive so that we can carry them out scrupulously, and not making any mistake in the future.

HMB: How do you wish to be dressed up when the body is placed in the coffin ?

Master: A white suit is enough

LV (laughs): A white suit. White colour is our Master’s colour, he prefers white suits.

HMB: Therefore, Master, any practitioner can come to the funeral ceremony?

Master nodds his head

HMB: Then, In the room... men and women should be separated, men on the left hand side and women on the right hand side, shouldn’t they Master?

Master nodds his head

HMB: In the past, on one practitioner’s death you teached us that six men and six women, all dressed in white, should stand on the two sides or the coffin. Do you wish that we do the same for you ?

Master: For accompanying my departure ?                            

HMB: Yes, six men and six women, all dressed in white, to accompany you.

Master nodds his head

HMB: Do you have any preference for those who stand up on the two sides of the coffin ? Or anyone will do ? If there is a great demand, how would we choose ?

Master: Just those who wear a white suit, the mourning suit.

HMB: Who would you prefer ? We can hardly choose if there is a great demand.

Master: Vô Vi practitioners.

HMB: But how can we make our choice ? If there is a great demand and if we leave out someone, we are afraid that we’ll be blamed for not being fair/impartial.

Master: You choose only those who agree to do so, it’s not worth otherwise

HMB: Yes Master. But there are too many who wish to do so, how can we refuse some of them?

XM: Should we be drawing for the participants?

HMB: Drawing ?... We are afraid not having enough ludicity to choose and we’ll be blamed for not being impartial.      

Master stays silent for 1 minute

Master: At Mr. TU’s bereavement, everything went smoothly, there was no complication at all.

HMB: So we’ll let things go naturally, won’t we Master ?

Master: Just let things go naturally.

HMB: Could we make a viedo-record for the posterity ?

Master: Of course, to keep it as souvenir and archives.

HMB: Yes Master, we’ll keep it as souvenir and archives.

Master: You should have archives.

HMB: Yes Master. Can we have a table in front of the coffin with your portrait, with flowers and fruit ? Or aren’t they necessary ?

Master: A portrait is of course compulsory.

HMB: Yes Master, weshould have a portrait... also flowers and fruit ?

Master: Yes.

HMB: Can we burn incense sticks.

Master: Of course, you should burn incense sticks.

HMB: Yes Master, we should burn incense sticks.

LV & TND: Note them down carefully.

HMB: With regards to the body exposition, in this country the coffin will be half closed, on the head side. It will be completed closed only at the end. Would you like it that way ?

Master nodds his head - stays silent for 1 minute - cleans his eyes with a tissue paper

HMB: Master, are practitioners allowed to present their respects with joined hands or to bowon their knees in front of the coffin ?

Master: Let them do as they wish.

HMB: Yes Master. During that time, can we play Mantric phoenems CD or other CDs?

Master: Yes of course, You should play my teachings’ CDs as to reminder them.

LV: So we will play mantric phonems and your teachings CD’s during the whole ceremony.

HMB: As you mentioned before, the cremation should take place on the 1st or the 15th of the lunar calendar, but which day should we choose for the scattering of the ashes ? On the same days or on any other day ?

Master: You should hire a boat for scattering the ashes.

HMB: Yes Master, shall we make it on the same days ?

Master: Yes.

HMB: So, we will have to organize ourselves to make it on the same days.

Master: Choose the hour, you should choose the good time (hour) for it.

HMB: If we do not find any good time (hour), we’ll have to wait for the full moon of the next month (Master nodds his head). During this period, where can we keep your ashes to be right and in security ? Shall we keep them at the funerarium until the scattering day ?  Master does not answer.

We just foresee like that but do not know how will it be. We try to ask you all possible questions in order not to be lost and to know how to do exactly later on, in conformity with your will. Master, shall we keep your ashes at the funerarium or shall we bring them home ?

Master: Bring them home.

HMB: We will bring them home, here Master ?

Master (nodds his head): You can bring them back here, in this appartment.

HMB: For the scatterng day of the ashes, how can we accompany your departure, will it be with mantric phonems ?

Master: Invoquethe words NMADDP for accompanying my departure. You should hire a boat to do it.

HMB: Can we throw some flowers in the sea ?

Master: yes.

HMB: After you passed away, what can we do for your family, for Mrs. Tam. In you opinion, will she go back to her previous house ?

Master: She has her own house ; she can live in many different places.

HMB: She will live anywhere she likes, doesn’t she  Master ? Then, we will look for a benevolent practitioner to stay with her and take care of her. Master, can we also just let things go naturally ?                        

Master nodds his head

HMB: What can we do for your older brother, Mr. Bay ? Would you give us some advice for him, your only brother ?

Master: At present, Mr. Bay is already devoting himself to his spiritual practice.

HMB: Yes Master... nothing special ?                

Master stays silent

HMB: Would you please let us know if you wish us to do something else for your family?

Master: Nothing at all.

HMB: In the coming years, at your departure anniversary, what kind of ceremony should we organize in conformity with tradition ?

Master: It’s just a joyful celebration day.

HMB: Can we celebrate anywhere, Master ?   

Master nodds his head

HMB: We’ll think of you, organize and enjoy a celebration day locally, in each region... (Master coughs). On that day, practitioners can be reunited to meditate, listen to your teachings and elevate their thoughts in your rememberance.

Master stays silent for 1 minute 

HMB: After your departure, shall we still organize Vô Vi congress each year?

Master: Of course, you should do it, if opportunity arises.

HMB: Yes Master.

Master: Vô Vi congresses belong to everybody.

HMB: Who will be the person in charge for these congresses ? We are afraid that there will have too many organinizing people, and we wil not know what to do ...     

Master: You should have a meeting to select the people in charge. You should have a meeting to clearly assign the responsibilities.

HMB: But who will take the final decision? You will no longer be there. Shall we vote?

Master: You should have a vote for candidates and their responsibilities.

HMB: We will have a vote then, Master ?                    

Master nodds his head

HMB: Ther will be annual congresses. Those who will take over will have to organize a congress each year ? (Master nodds his head). Only one congress a year, Master?... We have two this year. With two congresses, we are spreading about.

Master stays silent for 1 minute 

HMB: Concerning local seminaries, shall we continue to organise them or not?

Master nodds his head

HMB: Is it good to carry on organizing them ?          

Master nodds his head

Master: Do not make them too expensive.

LV: “Do not make them too expensive”, Master says that they should not be too expensive.

HMB: We should make them at the lowest price as possible for practitioners. It’s not an opportunity for making profit... In your opinion, how can we maintain Meditation Institutes?

Master: It’s simply the contribution from charitable benefactors. Nothing complicated.

HMB: We will let things go naturally, won’t we Master ?

Master: Let’s things go naturally.

HMB: Shall we do in the same way for Meditation Centers, Master?   

Master nodds his head

Master: That is an easy matter. If you  worry too much, it will become difficult.  For me, I don’t see any problem.

HMB: Yes Master.

LV: Master, everything seems easy for you. But there are rivalities in everyday life.

HMB: We wish to be clear, your words are more valuable than ours.

LV: Your advices are very valuable to us. In the future, nobody can tell otherwise.

HMB: Overall Master, it’s preferable that we shall still maintain the Vô Vi activities such as Vô Vi Congresses, seminaries and Meditation Institutes and Meditation Centers ?

Master: That organisation is enough. It is quite expensive already.

HMB: In future, if we lack of money, can we organize locally our activities in order to save travelling expenses, can’t we Master ? 

Master nodds his head

HMB: When you depart from this world and leave us behind, will you come back later on? Master smiles

TND (laughs and speaks): We hope that you will come back to be with us again, but we don’t know where to search for you.

HMB: How can we look for you ?

Master: If you keep your heart kind and sincere, I will shine on you through your heart. Otherwise you won’t need me.

HMB: Yes Master. Will you come back to this earthly world ?

Master: Keep your heart kind and sincere ... and I will see.

HMB: Will you come back physically or by light-energy ?

Master: By light-energy.

LV: “By light-energy”

XM: Master, you said : “I will see”, what do you mean by that ? Do you mean you will come back physically or by light-energy?

LV: “By light-energy”. Note it down. Master precised that “by light-energy”, am I right Master?

Master nodds his head

HMB: “By light-energy”. Master confirms that he will com back by light-energy.

HMB: How can we communicate with you by light-energy?

Master: Practice with a kind and sincere heart and you can easily communicate with me.

LV: “Practice with a kind and sincere heart and you can communicate with me”.

HMB: Master, when you are still here with us, when an issue arises, your decision is enough to solve it immediately. But after you departure, if we happen to have difficult problems, how can will contact you to solve them ?

Master: You must think of the work to do and the Above Sphere will immediately shine on you.

HMB: How can we know that’s from the Above Sphere Energy or our false idea ?

Master: If you try to solve a problem and cannot do it, but all of a sudden a light strikes your mind, and you can immediately solve it.

HMB: So our problems can only be solved by The Above Sphere Energy, am I right Master?

LV: Id like to say what you remind me one day : if we are shined by Your energy or by the Vô Vi energy, we will feel something pulling on the top of our head, am I right Master?

Master: Yes, it’s here (Master’s finger shows the top of LV’s head)

LV: Yes Master, If the energy pulls on the top of the head, it’s the correct energy. Xuan-Mai, note it down carefully, because a great deal of practitioners misunderstands it significantly. We must be clear on that point.

XM: Master repeated several times : “If the energy pulls on the top of the head, it’s the correct energy”.

LV: That’s it.

HMB: If the Above Sphere shines energy on us, we can solve our problems.

LV: The energy lights our mind in less than a second, and we can solve our problems.

HMB: In the future, if someone just proclaims himself as a Master and pretends to take your place, how can we react ? A great deal of people wish to remplace you.

Master : If he declares himself as Master, it will be his own responsibility. 

LV: Good, Master ! It just reminds me one of your remark : “Whoever proclaims as a Master, he is just not a real one”.

Master: Yes, he will be responsible for what he pretends to be.

LV: That’s it. Whoever proclaims himself as a Master will be responsible for it!

HMB: He should bear all consequences for that, shouldn’t he Master ? If someone follows him by ignorance, it’s a pity for him. Those who care to perfect their spiritual pratices, will grasp benefits, otherwise they will not.

Master: Those who have a sincere heart is different from others who don’t have it.

LV: Yes, it’s really clear : Those who have a sincere heart is different from others who don’t have it.

HMB: In the future, afer your departure, if there are rivalities and parties in the Vô Vi community, how can we solve them ?

Master : If there are too much rivality, just invoke the mantric phonems and things will solve by themselves.

TND: This answer is very important... it’s really essential !

Master: It’s only when you invoke the mantric phonems that the Above Sphere can attest you.

HMB: We have asked you all questions that we may think of. Do you have any other advice for us ? Your last advice, Master ?

Master: That belongs to the supranatural, so there is nothing to prepare for.

HMB: We just then have to perfect our spiritual practice

Master nodds his head

Master stays silent for 1 minute

TND: We know this is from the supranatural. But on the profane perspective, all doctors in hospital several times wished to have this kind of interview. For this reason, we come here ... to complete paperworks... to get things clarified ... We all are persuaded that you will stay longer with us ... We have to perfect ourselves spiritually, but we also have to assure formalities of the profane life. We pray that you will be in good health and stay longer with us... What we are doing now is just for the formalities of the profane life. On the supranatural view point, on the Vô Vi level, everything is already planned. We kindly ask you to forgive us forhaving disturbed you ...

HMB: Master, we are persuaded that you will always be above us and always with us, we do not have to worry ; we know that you always help us.

Master (nodds his head): If you think of me, I will help you.

HMB: So, we can be at peace to perfect our spiritual life, can’t we Master ? 

Master nodds his head

LV: Thank you Master, we thank you with all our heart.

HMB: We thank you for all your advices and teachings.


End of interview