Basic technique for the first six months

During the first six months, the new practitioner will practice 3 basic exercises in order to prepare oneself for meditation. They are:

1. Making a spiritual commitment.

2. Concentrating your spiritual energy.

3. Massaging after concentrating your energy.

4. Abdominal Breathing.


These exercises should be practiced steadily. Don't try to rush. They will help you regain your energy frequency to its original pure state. These exercises will assist and prepare you greatly when you are ready to begin meditation.

The concentration of spiritual energy will help you stabilize your mind and purify the neuroendocrine system, energize your brain, cure insomnia, chronic headaches, psychological and mental problems.


The lying down abdominal breathing exercise will assist you to purify the energy of your five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys) by promoting better oxygenation of the blood and rejuvenation of the cells. It helps prevent various diseases, develop a better temperament and break such habits as smoking, drinking and overeating. It is essential that these practices be performed only on an empty stomach or 2 to 3 hours after mealtime.



Sitting Position

To begin, turn the light off in the room. Sit cross-legged on a cushion. Keep your spine straight. Those who cannot sit cross-legged may sit on the chair with their feet together flat on the floor. Sit facing southward.


For every exercise, you will need to assume some basic head positions. These positions are used in almost all Vo Vi exercises. Maintain the following positions from the beginning to the end of the exercises:


Tongue Curled Up: The tip of the tongue is curled up, touching the line between the upper gum and front teeth. The acupoint on your gum which is related to your kidneys will be activated. This position of your tongue touching your upper gum will facilitate the blood circulation and
energy purification.


Incisors against Incisors: Front teeth slightly touching together.


Mouth closed.


Eyes closed: Focus forward from the middle point between your eyebrows, which is called the frontal psychic center.


Making a Spiritual Commitment


Assume the sitting position described above, keep your mind calm, palms joined in the prayer position at chest level, Tongue Curled Up, Incisors against Incisors, Mouth closed and Eyes closed. Mentally invoke these six vibratory words 3 times by placing each word on the corresponding psychic center as follows:

NAM [nahm]: Its final resonance vibrates from the
frontal psychic center.

MO [moh]: Its final resonance vibrates from the
cranial psychic center.

A [ah]: Its final resonance vibrates from the
renal psychic center.

DI [zee]: Its final resonance vibrates from the
cardiac psychic center.

DA [da]: The resonance
of Da will vibrate over all the pores of the epidermis.

PHAT [fut]: Its final
resonance goes right to the umbilical psychic center.


You will invoke the six sacred words on the corresponding psychic centers during the first six months, or until you begin to experience the vibration energy on the top of your head. After this time, you may concentrate only on the topmost of your head while invoking the mantra of NAM MÔ A DI ÐÀ PHT 3 times.


Then concentrate on the top of your head and continue to mentally invoke the following vibratory sounds twice:

ÂM   B

(nahm  moh  taay  phu-ung  kuk  lakh  teh  zuh-oy  kwan  teh  ahm  boh  taht)
(Pure Divine Energy of Compassion)


(nahm  moh  laumng hua  zao  chuu  zee  lakh)
(Pure Divine Energy of Serenity)


From now on, I will strive to:

- return to my true nature of serenity,

- return to my true nature of spiritual energy,

- return to my true nature of my duties toward my fellow beings, earth and heaven.

Nam Mô A Di Ðà Pht  (nahm  moh ah zee da fut) 


May peace be with all creatures.


Then bow 3 times with your hands while keeping your spine straight.


Concentrating your Spiritual Energy


Assume the same sitting posture with Tongue Curled Up, Incisors against Incisors, Mouth closed and Eyes closed. Breathe normally.

Concentrate from the top of your head and say to yourself:

"Unify the three energies: Sexual essence energy, vital breath energy and spiritual energy."

Then, with your elbows raised up level with your shoulders:


1.  Use your thumbs to plug your ears.

2.  Put your middle finger tips lightly on the bone at the outside corners of the eyes.

3.  Put the tip of your index fingers
on your temples, at the hairline. Fold your remaining fingers inside your
palms. Remember to focus forward from your frontal psychic center. Do this exercise for at least 5 minutes, up to 15 minutes.


During practice, invoke Nam Mo A Di Da Phat from the top of your head to eliminate agitation.

Mr. Tám: "No religion on earth has yet practiced this concentration of spiritual energy that permits the central point on the top of your head or the cranial psychic center to be developed and the vibrations to evolve into infinity...

When you raise your elbows level with your shoulders, all the corresponding nerves of the lung, heart, etc. are activated, causing you to perspire.

At the beginning, when closing your ears by inserting your thumbs into your earholes, you'll hear a lot of buzzing sounds inside your head. In time, you will not hear them anymore and will start to feel serene.


During daily activities, we expend a lot of our energy to earn a living, thus we experience mental stress that harms our nervous system. So, after work, we can do this exercise at home to strengthen the energy frequency of our mind and recuperate the energy lost through the day. When using the thumbs to close your ears, you are converging the energy to the head and concentrating it on the point between your eyebrows.

Your forefingers and middle fingers above your temples and at the outside ends of the eyes are also doing the same function of transmitting energy to the center point between the eyebrows. When you are capable of concentrating your energy, it will proceed to the correct middle path which leads you directly to the universal central power of vital energy. At that time, your mind will become more and more at ease.


It is recommended that beginners practice this exercise for at least 6 months to strengthen their mind.

We have absorbed too much impurity due to agitation; therefore, we have to first correct and purify our mind. For beginners, there is no specific time required for practice. Whenever you have any spare time, you may practice this concentration of spiritual energy to calm yourself and eliminate unnecessary agitation of this current life..."

Massaging after concentrating your energy


To conclude the concentration of spiritual energy, slowly lower your hands down to your thighs. Then, place your hand on top of the head to converge the energy back to your body. Slide your hands down so that your palms come down the side of your head with your thumbs behind your ears. Pull down on your ears while pressing your earlobes.


Vigorously rub your palms together with fingers pointed upward to warm them. Next, lay the palms of your hands along your nose, then slide the palms up the face over your head, then down to your ears. Again, pull down on your ears while pressing your earlobes. Do this facial massage 3 times.



Abdominal Breathing


After the concentration of spiritual energy, lie down on your back to do the Abdominal Breathing. Make sure that your stomach is not full. Wait 2 to 3 hours after a meal before beginning the Abdominal Breathing.


Keep your limbs totally relaxed, Tongue Curled Up, Incisors against Incisors, Mouth closed and Eyes closed.


Start to exhale while pulling your abdomen inward to eliminate the air.

1.  Then smoothly and deeply inhale while pushing your abdomen well outward. During the inhalation, think of "filling up" your navel.


2.  Exhale slowly, almost like when stressing out by pulling your abdomen well inward.


One full inhalation-exhalation makes one cycle. (Mentally count 1 cycle).


A full Abdominal Breathing consists of 12 sets of cycles, beginning by the set of 12, then 11, then 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, then 1. Between each set, remember to take a short pause and breathe normally. For correct breathing, do not move your chest while inhaling and exhaling. You only mobilize your abdomen.

The training of the above Abdominal Breathing is essential in order to prepare for proper Cyclical Breathing of Non-Retention described later in the advanced section. If you have observed a baby breathing, you've had an excellent demonstration of proper breathing. When a baby breathes in, you can watch how its abdomen expands like a balloon, and when it breathes out, you can see the abdomen flattening.


 Mr. Tám: "Why do you have to think of 'filling up' your navel? By 'filling up' your navel, you have instantly focused on your kidneys, because there is a direct relationship between your navel and kidneys.

When you fill your navel by inhaling, you have created a pressure against your kidneys at your back. Even when exhaling, there is also a pressure at your back. Thus, the exhaling then inhaling will form one cycle of continuous breath. Then do the second cycle of breath continuously, so that a pressure force will be formed to expel the impure energy of your kidneys and organs out through the way of excretion. Do continuously one cycle to twelve cycles of abdominal breathing. Those gentle cycles will create a pressure on your kidneys, leading to the expulsion of the impure energy out through your waste or perspiration. It will also unblock part of the impure energy of your spine. Then continue from 1 to 11 breaths cycles then pause, 1 to 10, 1 to 9, ..., 1.

Lie down and using the center point between your eyebrows, look at your navel. During your breathing exercise, when you look at your navel, you will eventually focus on your astral body. That connection will assist you in the union of your soul and astral body, once the order of your body reaches its point of equilibrium... The center point between your eyebrows is related to your soul, while the navel area is related to your astral body...


 Beginners, especially athletes who are used to breathing with their chest, probably will experience difficulty with their chest, probably will experience difficulty breathing with their abdomen. However, they should make an effort and be determined to achieve!

What is more real than using the pure vital breath of the cosmic universe to cleanse ourselves and to purify the organs of this microcosm? The vital energy of men who are pleasure lovers will certainly be wakened.

Women who give birth to many children will experience the same; their vital energy will be weakened too. In those cases, if you adopt this abdominal breathing, you will gradually recuperate the lost energy and will become stronger and conscious of many things.


 We recommend that beginners practice only the above two  techniques for six months before proceeding further. After six months, if you experience the right path, you will want to meditate in search of the supranatural life, for the awakening and the natural comfort of the soul."


The beginners may also practice the Auxiliary Exercises and the Bowing Exercise to regulate the fluidic energy of the physical body.