Biography of Master Ðỗ Thuần Hậu (1883-1967)

Đỗ Thuần Hậu (Mr. Tư) was born in the Lai Vung district of Sa Đéc City, Vietnam. His    father, Đỗ Hạo Cừu was a councilman of An Thới village under the French colony. His mother, Đào Thị Bòi, passed away when he was only nine years old. He lived with his father and stepmother until    adulthood. By that time, life was hard and full of poverty. In preparation for marriage, he taught Vietnamese and French to the children in the village to earn money. After being married for a    few years, Mr. Tư moved out. To feed and provide for his family, he learned many skills and worked in many jobs. He learned Chinese medicine, naturopathy, Lỗ Ban Talisman and fortune telling. He also was a painter and clothe dyer.


Mr. Tư had eight children, one son and seven daughters. The oldest child, his son Đỗ Vạn Lý, was a diplomat in India and a former ambassador to the United States under President Ngô Đình Diệm's administration. He was also an administrator of the Caodaism organization.


During his childhood, Mr. Tư encountered many harsh experiences. He always thought of    existence and human life. With that in mind, he searched for the spiritual way. He practiced under Master Cao Minh's teachings for a while. Yet, he still was not satisfied because all his    questions were not answered. He returned back to his family and practiced the Vo Vi method on his own. Many times, while he was in deep meditative contemplation, he saw the Buddha' s image appear    on the wall. He thought it was strange, so he persevered harder in his practice. When he began the practice, he was 55 years old. He was not afraid of death, poverty or hunger. He only wanted to    clear the mystery of Vo Vi so he could connect with the Buddhas and learn the spiritual way. Thanks to his faithful heart, Mr. Tư founded the Practical Method of Vo Vi Esoteric Science of the    Buddhas. He soul traveled to the state of Vo Vi and got to study directly from Buddha, as he tells in his book, The Method of Soul Traveling.


Master Tư, passed on the method to Lương Sĩ Hằng (Mr. Tam), so he could spread the    knowledge of spiritual guidance. Master Tư passed away on November 12th, 1967 (October 11th by lunar calendar) at the age of 84. He left behind these books: Đời Đạo Song Tu (Social Life and    Spiritual Training), Phép Xuất Hồn (The Method of Soul Traveling), Quái Mộng Kỳ Duyên (Strange Spiritual Acquaintance Dream), and Kinh A DI ĐÀ Chú Giải (Interpretation of Amitabha Sutra).